Thursday, April 17, 2008

A "Redneck" Gym

People ask me all the time what gym I go to. My reply is, "The Redneck Gym." Being the thrifty person I am, I am not about to pay to walk or run on a tread mill, lift weights or use all that fancy gym equipment. Nor, do I want to listen all those other out of shape folks huff and puff, moan and groan as they work out. And the last thing I want to do is smell all those sweaty bodies, as most gyms smell like a mens locker room. With all these things in mind I have found my OWN gym, a gym free of charge. I like to walk or run in the outdoors, most often around the Bend Lane, for this country girl it is the best treadmill there is. I also use the exempt railroad tracks to stretch out my legs. I usually go 2-3 miles on the track skipping every other one railraod tie. As far as weights are concerned I simply pick up two heavy rocks, one for each hand and I'll lift them as I walk. I try to hike somewhere that there is a gate, and climb over it ten times, sort of a hillbilly obstacle course. Then again there are a variety of mountains around so I can take my pick as how high I am willing to go each day. The smell of cut grass, fresh rain, and wild flowers sure does beat sweaty bodies. The sights and sounds of my gym are amazing, each day I hear the crickets and frogs in the swamps. The sand hill cranes, geese,and ducks, calling for their mates as they fly off the water. Not to mention the cows bellering for their calves, the horses snorting at me, and the sheep baaing, at what to me sound like "Ba-Ba Black Sheep." There are so many sights to see and enjoy every day. Simple things such as a butterfly flying from flower to flower, a lizard scurrying under a rock, Lily pads drifting in the pond or a herd of deer running up the mountain. Sights and sounds that in this fast pace world are nice to simply take the time and enjoy each day. I suppose only a redneck-country girl would think all this is far better than a state of the art gym, but I say try it you might like it too.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

If You Go Up, You Gotta Come Down

Hiking is a must to get in good enough shape to go to Africa. Though just thinking about it each weekend can in it's self be tiring. I really enjoy the hiking and the outdoors once I get off the couch. Although as I stand at the bottom of a mountain in the Goshen Valley it really doesn't look that high, but half way up it suddenly looks huge. Though I go up the mountain pretty good, it that coming down that is a little rough. T.J. likes to think of himself as my hiking instructor. He tells me, "just step and go," or "Mom you hike like a girl." Well, I suppose I do, as I take dainty little steps, trying to place my feet just right so I don't tumble to the bottom. T.J. on the other hand goes like crazy up and down the mountain, not paying any attention to where he is stepping. He makes it look sooooo...easy, maybe it is the thirty-five year difference in our ages. However, together we have a great time hiking and talking and giving each other a bad time. For T.J. one of the best things is we usually see a herd or two of deer. I am not sure if he is likes the hiking, or if he is scouting a 'Big Buck" for the fall hunt. Whatever it is it okay, as I suppose we are killing two birds with one stone.
It is funny how life does an about-face. For the past fifteen years T.J. has always brought me back a "PRUDDY" rock from his hunting trips, (of which I still have all of them) now I have guaranteed him I will bring him back a pretty rock from the highest free standing mountain in the world, "The Roof of Africa."

Monday, April 7, 2008

1,2,3 Pull, I'm Getting Better

I've been going to water aerobics for the past seven weeks now, and I really enjoy the class. Tiffany, our instructor is young, fit, has a great shape and is a lot of fun. I try to go early and work a little on my own, either in the pool or on some of the equipment in the PT Department. When I started seven weeks ago just for fun I wanted to see if I could do a pull up using the bar. That night I was only able to do 10 pull-up's before my arms felt like rubber bands. However, tonight I am up to fifty and plan on adding five each time I go, until I am able to do hundred each class. I'm not sure if all this will help my Lunch Lady arms, but I am up to the challenge. After all I might be glad once I start up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training Torture

I wouldn't really call training torture, as I have really begun to love the way all this exercise makes me feel. However, I have come to the conclussion there is a difference in the way the mind feels and the way the body feel, especially at the age of 54. There are days my mind is raring to go, and my body is say are you nuts. In my training schedule have tried to add several different aspects of torture. Three days a week I run/walk for 4-7 miles, one day a week I hike up and down the sand hill for 2 hours. Then it's water aerobics two days a week for 1 1/2 hours, and one day a week WE (me and a partner, who ever feels up to it), hike a mountain in the valley. The hiking is fun, but tiring, as it usually encompasses 5-6 hours of noodlely legs. When someone at works asks me why I have lost weight? I tell them what exercise I am doing and they question my sanity. Maybe I have lost it, but it sure makes me feel good. I guess this lesson in life has taught me that age is all relevant. As I will continue to lace up my shoes to hit the pavement, the water, or a mountain. After all how does one run a mile, one stride at a time, how does one climb a mountain, one step at a time!