Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Flag Of Love

Christmas 2008, brought many emotions, one being gratitude and love. Tiffany made me a flag with several stripes and colors. Each strip and color having a significant meaning for my journey to Africa and my trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro. The gift made me cry, as each member of the family had put their hand print on it, written a message, and signed it. I LOVED IT! It gives me hope and encouragement that everyone is behind my African quest. Along with the flag, which I will carry with me and proudly fly while on the mountain, was a card explaining each color and meaning: Tiffany has always had a way with words, however this time the words mean so, so much to me. The meaning of my one of a kind flag are:

First: each persons hand print means:
I'll have my families helping hands should I need them.

Second the meaning of the colors are:

Grey: FRIENDSHIP (friends forever Tiff)

Green: LIFE

Yellow: LOVE



It is hard for me to believe that I encompass any of the above, but hopefully by the time I get back from Africa, my name and the above words go hand in hand.