Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have thought so much about the words and thoughts that might describe how I feel about going to Africa. I have worked hard and hopefully I will look back and smile as I accomplish all of these.
Nurture~~Those I care about and those I will meet.
Imagine~~Anything is possible, if you try.
Discover~~Where a new path may lead.
Embrace~~ The unexpected and grow from it.
Enjoy~~The company I'll keep for the next four weeks
Journey~~Into a world unknown, even if it is alone.
Challenge~~My limitations, you go girl!
Indulge~~In a quiet moment, to simply reflect about what I can give.
Anticipate~~Life's Possible Outcomes, maybe humanitarian work is my new calling as a nurse
Practice~~Makes Perfect, hopefully all my hard work will pay off on the Mountain
Admire~~The good qualities within all human beings
Celebrate~~The life I have and those I love.