Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girl Friends

There were many reasons I wanted to return to Africa, one of them being to be reunited with my "girl-friends or my relief society gals." Elizabeth, Susan, Lucia, Ester, Marcy, Joyce, and Mary were all there was we pulled into St. Catherine's. It was so nice to see them and embrace each other again. Elizabeth and I both have new grandchildren, however she has thirteen children so she is getting several each year. All my girlfriends were anxious to catch up on the past eighteen months. It is funny it is still just women being women and I love it. Each time I sit with them I seem to learn so much about life and happiness. It truly isn't about material things, and having all the newest, greatest, and latest. For me it is about going and doing, not having.
Though my life is far different than my girlfriends, it truly is so much the same. I love each and everyone of them and again they taught and gave me far more than I did them.