Friday, January 2, 2009

I Am So Blessed

I really thought the time would never come for me to head off to Africa, however, it is almost here. Though there are days when I wonder if I am really ready for this life changing journey.
There have been so many people, who have supported me in so many ways that I thought it would nice to put the spot light on a few of them. I can't say THANKS enough to Tiffany!!! Tiff was the first one I told, "I,m going to Africa!" Tiff has never questioned my decision, she has always encouraged it. And if I have ever doubted myself she has been there to pick me up, telling me "you can do it Mom." Yes, I will be going by myself to climb the Mt. Kili and go on a safari, but I will then meet my group in Nairobi a week later. I'll be with the AILC group for the humanitarian part of my trip, but had I had the chance to chose one person to go with me, it would have been Tiffany. After all there is no one who knows me better than she.
Tiff, has been willing to help me with my training program, from hiking, to run 5-ks. She is constantly giving me words of encouragement, when others think I have lost my mind. I know without a doubt she will be with me all the way, if not physically there, I'll be in her thoughts for four weeks in February. Plus, there will be so many women and children who will benefit from the Burnett family's financial generosity.
I want to say THANK-YOU, Babe, you'll never know how much your positive attitude, your love and your help has meant to me. For so many years it has been me cheering you on and proudly exclaiming, hey that is my daughter! You have accomplished many wonderful things in your twenty-nine years and I have been there to brag about them all. I truly hope I can make you just as proud of me, and I hope you'll be there when I get off the plane, yelling " hey that's my Mom!"
I love you beyond words, and I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and my friend!
LOVE YOU BABE****Friends Forever