Monday, September 15, 2008


Life is like a grinding stone. Whether it grinds you down or
polishes you up, simply depends on what you're made of...
The curves life throws can sometimes be disheartening not once, but twice. It seems the 2002 pulmonary problems I had are weighing heavy on my decision as whether to climb or attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I recently chose to get Dr. Alward, my pulmonaligist's opinion on climbing THE mountain. After reviewing my medical records his initial opinion was he wondered is it was a good idea, stating it could be the life or death decision. However, I will undergo a CT scan, chest x-ray, and pulmonary function tests to confirm or disclaim his opinion. After nine months of mental and physical training, the big question is; will my quest to try reach the Roof of Africa all come down to the dark days of February 2002, and the damage done? I have also chosen not to let my Heptaligist know I am going to Africa, as he too I am sure will not think it is a good idea. In other words, I have to go with my gut feeling about whether this trip is good for me.
I have my trip almost half paid for and I am reaching my personal goal of collecting 100 each of crochet hooks, reading glasses, packages of colored pencils, crayons, notebooks, pens, pencils, yarn and rag dolls. My excitement continues to grow for the lives I will touch, and the lives that will not doubt touch mine.