Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Support

It is down to two weeks and the great family support has been very touching. Here's a toast to my family, my Mom, my brothers, sisters and their families. Each one of you have been a huge help to me in preparing for my trip. Mom, I know you are concerned about my decision to go to Africa, but I also know you are very, very proud of this journey. I have become stronger mentally, physically and emotionally, than I have ever been. I owe some of that to you and the other strong willed ancestor women of our family. I love you so much, I'll be careful and I will wear the LOCKET with pride. I have a picture of you and Dad, in one side and a photo of Brykn in the other. I owe you and Dad everything and Brykn is my everything. Don, even though you are gruff and tough on the outside, you're pretty soft on the inside. Your greatest advise, "Don't get eaten by a tiger" and "the only person you have to run faster than is the last one in line" I don't really plan on getting eaten by a tiger or a lion, but thanks Don for the advise. Jeannie, you have listened to my excitement and read all about my plans with as much as excitement as me. You have hiked with me and offered help with anything I have needed. I will take a part of you with me, especially on the Mt. However, I probably won't see a moose, but I will take photos of what I do see. Jacquie, I know with this life changing journey, you have picked up some of the slack with taking care of Mom when I have been either working or training, thanks! Steve, your pep talks with "You can do it Laur!" mean so much to me, it's nice to know someone believes in me. I've tried to have your enthusiasm for life throughout this entire process, however, I don't know if I'll have your gift to gab to everyone I met.
Doug, Your patience and taking care of Mom, when I've been busy has been a great help for me. Though I know you wonder why I want to climb some Mt, just to say I did it. I, really think however, your amazed at my determination to do so. Oh and I love it when you shake your head in total bewilderment at this crazy plan.
Kelli, Toni, thanks for words of encouragement for the old gal. All I can say is "this one's for the girls." Old girls, young girls, girls in our heritage who passed on tenacity, drive and attitude. An attitude of don't tell me I can't do it because I'll prove you wrong. I can see the same attributes in Reese, she is already a fighter at four pounds.
For everyone else, Thanks I hope I have made you proud to say I'm a member of the family.... I love you all far more than I often say.