Friday, February 13, 2009

Bargain Hunting & The Long Drop

From Mom: On our way to Molo, Kenya today we went through the downtown area. When the locals see a bus, they come running to sell the tourists anything they can, hats, blankets, jewelery, and such. They sell it right through the windows and they are persistent. They start prices high and then everyone jews them down. One of the sellers, commented to me "I am falling like a monkey from a tree!" He didn't know he had just met the one of the Queens of Bargain Shopping, a family trait we are proud of. It really is bargain hunting at its best!


From Mom: Here's the photo of the day, the normal bathroom in all the villages, called a "long drop," thus the name fits. As it is just a hole in the floor, with NO flushing capabilities. It's kind of tricky to hold the HOVER position, hold up your pant legs up so they don't get s--t on them, get your pants pulled down and then not pee in your shoes, down your legs, or on your pants! One also has to hold on to your camera and hold your breath all in unison. And hopefully you have remember to get some TP, or your digging through your pockets to find a tissue you've already wiped your nose on........ I decided you have to be pretty talented to do of the above and not fall in!!! Not to mention the smell is SOOOOOO bad. Oh how nice a toilet seat will be, even if it has slivers.
From Andie: Gosh the Birdseye Motel even has a better bathroom than that! You do have to share your bed, but at least it's with a relative! We will have to start calling you "bulls-eye." Just think of all the things you have learned on this trip. Ha Ha. Love and miss you. Andie