Thursday, September 4, 2008


Africa here I come! I recently received a letter of information concerning my upcoming expedition, a letter to give me a heads up of my role. Many folks know I am a "planner" and I like all my ducks in a role, as one of my biggest pet-peeves is being unorganized. The letter gave me a list of items and supplies I could work on now, of which I am grateful for. Though the timing will probably be better the last of January through the first of February, is also right after Christmas.
So all in one I am trying to take care of Mom, work as much as I can to pay for my trip, pay for supplies to take and buy and make Christmas gifts. So days all I can think is what would I do if I had nothing to do. Maybe have a nap would a dandy idea, but I have little time to waste.
On my list is school supplies, yarn, fabric, glasses, kids books, rag dolls, and several other things. It also ask if I had something specific I would like to take or teach. Though I haven't come up with to many ideas, I would like to possibly put together some "Compassion Kits" for those women who have AIDS. These woman have been shunned from society and have very little if not nothing. I have thought about how we women all like to smell nice, look nice, and feel nice. I thought a kit with nail polish, lotion, perfume, face cream, etc would be nice. So with that in mind along with several other things I will donate, I will try to donate kits to make so woman I don't know feel better about herself, if only for a little while.
I continue to train to climb the mountain, also I see the Pulmonaligist on September 8th, to get his advice about this crazy idea at my age, and with my past medical history. I've tried to think about what I will do if he says it could be a life threatening idea, possibly climb as high as I can and applaud my efforts, for at least I tried. I have always told Tiff & TJ, finish what you start, and just do the best you can. After all that is all you or anyone else can ask of you or you can ask of yourself.