Tuesday, June 1, 2010

African Beauty

In Africa right now it is actually winter, however, not like we know winter. All the natives wear heavy coats and continually ask why the team is'nt cold. Our winters and their's are two totally different things. They have cold spells of the low fifties, we drop to below zero, they get rain, we get snow. Here everything freezes, while in Africa everything flourishes and is so green and beautiful... Here we plant flowers, there flowers grow wild and are so amazing. Kenya has gotten a lot of rain in the past few weeks, thus making the hills and valleys so green and lush.

I thought about going to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point where everything is labeled and meticulously manicured, fertilized and watered. However in Kenya no plants, or flowers are treated with so much care. The Kenyans do, however take great pride in their gardens. I suppose because it is what will sustain them for months.

Here are a few of the beautiful flowers I found so amazing. Though most will not find this entry to interesting I know Jeannie would have been just as amazed at the flowers as I was.