Monday, February 23, 2009

We Are So Blessed!

On the last leg of the twenty-two hour flight, I found myself thinking so much about the last three weeks. I had so many emotions, so many photos in my mind that will never be erased, not to mention so many butterflies in my stomach. I just kept thinking over and over again, "WE ARE SO BLESSED!" I was also thinking how sad it is that we take so much for granite, waste so much and simply have life so, so good. We Americans seem to have everything, and we're always wanting more, yet we appreciate very little. The Africans have nothing, want just the basics, yet they appreciate so very much.

Coming in to Salt Lake, I remember seeing the Wasatch Mountains and thinking, "I am home." I was so excited to see my family, that I, wearing my T-shirt that says " I Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro" ran to the waiting area waving my flag. They were a blessed sight. Buck and TJ had grins from ear to ear, Mom was crying with joy. Brykn, came running and jumped in my arms, saying "you home from Asrica!" Tiff, was so glad to see me and whispered in my ear, I Love You Mom!" What a welcome doesn't get any better than that!!!

Yesterday, was my first shift back at MV-ER, it was so nice to be back with those co-workers who I care so much about. Everyone wanted to hear all about my adventure. It was funny as everyone had been following my blog daily. Kathy Sparrow, called me on the phone just to say, you're truly a woman. I and so many admire for your bravery to follow your dreams, your willingness to learn phone technology just to keep us all in the loop, and to do it all with some very unordinary health issues. I love that I have so many friends in many different areas of MVH, and to hear Kathy's compliments was very touching. Dr. Egbert gave me a high five and said, " Great Job, but what will we do now for daily entertainment?" It was so fun to pull up the blog and see what you were doing each day! Though I have yet seen all my friends in the ER I will this week, I can't wait to share my life changing journey with each of them.

Now that I am back I have chosen to transfer all my journal notes and many photos into my blog. However, I will be putting them in chronological order, so if you choose to read all about "My Life Changing Journey," you can do so by starting on January 27, 2009 with the Party, Party entry.
Thank you to all who prayed for me, text & e-mailed me and those who followed my journey through my blog. I love ya all. A special thanks to my best friend, my daughter, Tiffany who made sure my blog was updated daily and put all the photos on the blog. Love ya Tiff. I am so thankful for such a great family and the best friends and co-workers ever.