Monday, April 7, 2008

1,2,3 Pull, I'm Getting Better

I've been going to water aerobics for the past seven weeks now, and I really enjoy the class. Tiffany, our instructor is young, fit, has a great shape and is a lot of fun. I try to go early and work a little on my own, either in the pool or on some of the equipment in the PT Department. When I started seven weeks ago just for fun I wanted to see if I could do a pull up using the bar. That night I was only able to do 10 pull-up's before my arms felt like rubber bands. However, tonight I am up to fifty and plan on adding five each time I go, until I am able to do hundred each class. I'm not sure if all this will help my Lunch Lady arms, but I am up to the challenge. After all I might be glad once I start up Mt. Kilimanjaro.