Monday, November 3, 2008

Look Out Africa, Here I Come!

Last night I attended the first of three meetings for my upcoming trip. It was nice to meet everyone and get all the needed information for my life changing journey. In introducing myself, I am the one of the oldest team members, but the way I look at it we can teach those kids a thing or two. Being the planner that I am, I have ask a million and one questions, therefore they have nicknamed me,"Million & One" All I can say is how do you know if you don't ask.

The dates have been confirmed for the expedition for February 1-17, however I will be going a week earlier so I can climb the mountain and do a safari. Sorry, I won't be kicking Valentines, so keep and eye out for Buck.

An added bonus for the group is we can, for a little added money have a lay over in Amsterdam. Not Switzerland, but close.

I am so excited to do something for those who need help so desperately. I hope my family, especially Tiffany & TJ see me as a mentor, a hero and a positive influence. I can only hope they to on day go far beyond what they every thought they could.

As for me all I can say is LOOK OUT AFRICA HERE I COME!!!!!!