Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training Torture

I wouldn't really call training torture, as I have really begun to love the way all this exercise makes me feel. However, I have come to the conclussion there is a difference in the way the mind feels and the way the body feel, especially at the age of 54. There are days my mind is raring to go, and my body is say are you nuts. In my training schedule have tried to add several different aspects of torture. Three days a week I run/walk for 4-7 miles, one day a week I hike up and down the sand hill for 2 hours. Then it's water aerobics two days a week for 1 1/2 hours, and one day a week WE (me and a partner, who ever feels up to it), hike a mountain in the valley. The hiking is fun, but tiring, as it usually encompasses 5-6 hours of noodlely legs. When someone at works asks me why I have lost weight? I tell them what exercise I am doing and they question my sanity. Maybe I have lost it, but it sure makes me feel good. I guess this lesson in life has taught me that age is all relevant. As I will continue to lace up my shoes to hit the pavement, the water, or a mountain. After all how does one run a mile, one stride at a time, how does one climb a mountain, one step at a time!