Monday, January 19, 2009

Valued Friends, Trusted Co-Workers

My quest to go to Africa, has not only affected my family, but my co-workers too. Everyone in the ER and many from the entire hospital have helped or encouraged me in the journey. Each day I go to work someone wants to know how many days left, or what training I have been doing. Many co-workers have stepped up and picked up my shifts for the four weeks I'll be gone, or have donated money to help those women and children in need in Africa. It has truly been an overwhelming feeling to see the support from my many friends at Mountain View Hospital. First, I owe a huge THANKS to Karen Spotten, Karen is one of my best friends. It was Karen, who sat with me at UVRMC when I knocked on deaths door with the Pulmonary Embolisms and again four years later when my liver decided to go south. Karen, and I are two peas in a pod and I lean on her, as she does me, for many things both professionally and as friends. Second, Karen Boothe, it is because of her I am going. Without her encouragement and guidance I wouldn't be fulfilling this dream. She has answered a million and one questions on Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro and foreign travel. Karen has allowed me tag along on a few of her athletic outings in an effort to get me in better physical condition. Third, Andi and Carol, I love you guys, you're both like sisters to me, and yes I will be careful and text you often. Andi, I know you and your family; (my bra-less buddies) Suzee, Teresa, Abbi, Linda, would do anything to help me. I love that attribute about your entire family. Carol, I will never forget the phrase you past on to me only two weeks ago, "You can climb the highest mountain, if the first step you take is believing in yourself!" I believe I can do, I know I can do it. Carol you are a great example of determination, "Miss 50 Marathons!"
Fourth, the entire Mountain View ER staff and all five ER Doc's, you guys are the best. I will be taking part of each of you with me. Some have called my crazy, some have called driven, but I call all of you my friends. Thanks for your support, I love you all!