Tuesday, February 10, 2009


While at St. Catherine's I soon learned all women like to be pampered and treated like DIVA'S. I had taken nail polish to make them all feel pretty, and what a blast. I must have painted thirty women's finger and toe nails. It was funny the whole time I was on my knees on the dirt floor, touching dry, dirty, stinky, African feet I was thinking of Andi. Andi has a fetish about feet, oh boy she would have freaked out with these feet. After everyone was beautiful, or SMART in their language, they all strutted about the room with a smile from ear to ear. I wondered how they would react to lipstick, perfume, hair embellishments, and a hot bubble bath! Oh the things we all take for granite.
It truly was a wonderful, wonderful day spent with new friends, with women just being women. My ladies gave me far more than I gave them. I will cherish always the laughter, the conversations, and the friendships I made in two short days.

2/10/09 From Mom: I spent the day with women quilting and painting toenails and fingernails. They loved it! The are just a group of women laughing, gossiping and bragging about their kids. I took a photo of Brykn and showed them all. They smiled and said, "Oh, so cute!" Also did half day of medical screening. Its so hard for us as I wonder if we are just putting a band-aid on a big problem. But, I also think if we make them feel better for a day or so, I suppose we have made a difference. We are going to Molo, a city 2 hours away. We are expecting to see 600-700 people each day for the next three days. I miss you all and I miss my bath tub. Love ya.
From Tiffany: I bet today was a lot of fun. Had they ever seen fingernail polish?
From Mom: All is great. We are on our way to Molo. No, they had not seen fingernail polish before. It was fun to see their faces, their reaction was that it was smart and beautiful. It brought smiles to their faces. Funny how all women like pampering and how we all like to look pretty. It was a wonderful day.