Friday, May 30, 2008


What a gorgeous day for a hike, a bit breezy, but the perfect temperature for hiking. Plus the mountain aroma going up to Timpanogos Cave was so refreshing. Jeannie has agreed to hike a mountain every couple of weeks or so with me so we started with a groomed trail hike. I am hoping by the time I leave for Africa in October, I'll be in great shape and possibly have everyone else in great shape too, just in time for the deer hunt. The morning was just fun and relaxing as we didn't push it up the mountain, but rather we "Pole-Poley," Swahili for "Slow-Slower" up the mountain. The wild flowers were blooming and the smell of pine was like a breathe of fresh spring air. It was simply a really fun morning, plus it is funny how a good hike sure makes you sleep like a rock at night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Getting Closer

Well I just received news on my upcoming trip to Africa and my reservation confirmation to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro....or in Kelli's words, Mt. Kila-My-Aunt-Lauri. Though I don't know the exact date of departure the trip it is set for the third week in October. Oh, boy it is getting closer!!! Sorry Jeannie, it sounds like I will miss the annual Halloween party, maybe you all can dress up like Africans, with a bone in your nose and one in your hair in my honor! The other good news is there are two or three others who also want to climb the mountain, a little moral support would be nice while on the mountain. But if they back out I am still going to give it my best shot. I am working each payday on getting more of the necessities for my trip. I had no idea a good sleeping bag cost $300.00 and hiking boots another $230.00. All I can say is all this money is one more incentive for me to make it to the top!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hiking Y Mountain

All my co-workers, old and young have been curious about how the training is progressing for my up-coming trip to Africa. Many are skeptical about me climbing Mt. Kilimajaro, and many are just asking WHY? So in an effort to have fresh hiking buddies, I have orginaized a Mountain View Hosptial ER/ICU hiking trip each week. Though we had planned to go several times before it seemed like something came up or the weather didn't cooperate. However, today five of us hiked Y Mountain, just for fun. Though I had never been up there before, Karen Boothe had and took the lead. Orville and I brought up the rear, while Jen Thomas actually ran up the mountain. It was a 45 minute hike each way, with an amazing view of the entire county from the top. It was great fun on a beautiful spring day, next week it's either Timp or Sundance.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Save the TAW-TAW'S Has Gone Country!

Save the Taw-Taw's went country, cuz we were Tough Enough To Wear Pink! May 11, 2008 what an inspiring day as several of us ran the 5K Race for a Cure. In trying to get myself in shape for Africa, power walking and jogging has become a ritual 3 to 4 times a week. And in an effort to prove to myself I have the strength mentally and physically I joined the band wagon with Chad, Kelli and Jeannie in running the Breast Cancer 5K. It was so inspiring just to see the amazing support for a cure, that stemmed from one sister's promise to her dying sister to do all she could to find a cure for breast cancer.

We started the race at the Gateway ran 3.2 miles and ended back at the Gateway. I was excited about the race until I got sick the night before, as I vomited all night and got very little sleep. Laying on the couch so tired and nauseated, I thought of all the countless women who go through chemo and are deathly sick for weeks. I gathered myself up put my shoes on and headed for Salt Lake and in the end was so thankful I did. We all pretty much started the race together, but soon ended up in pairs, except for Chad, he took off like a bullet. (Though in his words he had a little help from a very special angel.) Kelli and Heath ran as a pair, Natalie and Tiffany were the middle pair, with Jeannie and I brought up the rear finishing in 42:10, not to bad for a couple of old gals! The best part about being last was everyone was there cheering for us as we crossed the finish line, which brought tears to our eyes. Cheering the loudest for me was Tiff as she ran along with me the last hundred feet, and at the finish line there was Brykn with flowers. My Little Buddy was so cute and seemed so proud as he hugged me and said, "Great Job Mam-Maw.... All I could think at the time was I got the chance to finish, which was a lot more than one in four women get the chance to do, because of breast cancer.

I was focused at the time, but looking back at the entire day, I am humbled by the effects of breast cancer. There was a gentleman in front of us wearing a sign in honor of his wife. The sign read; I run in honor of my STRONG, COURAGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL...WIFE! His wife who was also running was completely bald, very thin, and extremely pale from the chemo.
Then the survivors parade was also very touching, as women from all ages marched in honor or their beating the disease. Though I'm sure some are still not out of the woods. I will never forget the one woman who proudly, and ecstatically jumped up and down as she waved to her family.
I have thought a lot about the power of one woman and I truly needed to do more for humanity. One thing is for sure I will be back next year running proudly with and for not only myself but, my mother, my sisters, my daughter, my future granddaughters, my nieces, and my girlfriends, all running hand in hand and side by side. Not just running, but running for a cure!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Great Family Support

I have been so inspired by all the family support in my quest to reach Africa. I really had no idea how many people would be cheering me on, encouraging and helping me fulfill a dream. I got the nicest card yesterday from Aunt Betty and her family along with $100.00. I have chosen to buy shoes for orphaned children once in Africa, which I am sure will bring a smile to my face, the children's, and Aunt Betty's. From one nurse to another, Thanks A Bunch, I love you guys and I am honored to carry a little piece of you all with me when I go in October.