Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Back!

Back at St. Catherine's school, owned and operated by AILC, was like coming home for several of us on Team May 2010. The school complex has expanded by a partly completed library/dispensary and living quarters for the teachers of the school. I am again amazed at the strict regiment of the Kenya school system, and am convinced that we Americans could learn several things about education from the Africans. It was great to see the children from three to eighteen again, it was also great to see their respect and love for education.

As we arrived all the children in different age groups had prepared a welcome ceremony for us, of which brought tears to everyone team member. Some songs sung in English, some in Swahili and some in French. All of the children speak several languages very fluently at a young age. There was one little girl who caught my eye, and just thinking of her now makes me smile. She has such a zest for life, a zest that was contagious for the team.

I was also reunited with my girlfriends, Elizabeth, Susan, Lucy, and Mary. It was like we had sat with each other just a few days ago, not more than a year. We laughed, cry and caught up on all that has happened over the past few months. My girlfriends amaze me! Their desire to provide for their children is no different than ours, but the obstacles are huge for them. Never before have they ever had a paycheck for more than about $5.00, they have no welfare system to fall back on if their children become sick in hard times. They are also faced with hard labor everyday just to survive. I admire their determination so much......Mothers are just mother no matter their race, color or creed......Only a mother would sacrifice what we do...only a mother.