Friday, June 4, 2010

Alice In Africa

During this trip AILC had hired an in country nurse for the two weeks the team would be in Africa. Do to the fact that there were only three nurses on the team and as usual far more people than we could see. Alice was wonderful, she and I had so much in common and worked so well together. Alice has been in the medical field for 34 years and has worked all areas of hospital treatment. Alice was in fact one of the hundred who were displaced with the clashes, and was spared living in the tent city because of her son. Alice was fluent in five languages, very kind and her people trusted her every word. She was never late for clinics and even hitched a ride with some dude on a motorcycle one day because she had sleep in. Alice truly made the days of seeing several hundred Kenyans tolerable and actually fun. We laughed like a couple of school girls at times and cried when we went our separate ways. Hearing Alice's name will always bring a smile to my face, and I hope that each time she see the nurses cap pin I gave her she'll remember me. I am also hoping Alice, in white, will continue to keep an eye on Joyce my lady with elephantiasis. From one nurse to another, here's to you Alice in Africa!