Sunday, February 14, 2010

Second Time Around

It's has been a year since I traveled to East Africa, fulfilling a dream of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and doing a humanitarian mission. I have countless fond memories of my three and half weeks in Tanzania and Kenya. However, I still have a couple things I haven't been able to bring closure to from my first trip. So the end of May I will be returning. Returning to take a photo back to "Little Lisa's" mother, and possible spend some time with the Maasai tribe. I will be going with Africa Is Life Changing again, and the organization has several exciting things planned for this expedition. Plans are underway to build a library, and dispensary on the compound at St. Catherine's School. Plus to build a chicken feed plan and barn to enable African women to support themselves through the profit of eggs and milk.

After 37 years of the nursing field, just when I thought I had pretty much seen it all and felt the emotions of those 37 years, being a humanitarian has sparked a new excitement and desire to continue to serve others. Serve others in a much different way and 10,000 miles away.