Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hiking Y Mountain

All my co-workers, old and young have been curious about how the training is progressing for my up-coming trip to Africa. Many are skeptical about me climbing Mt. Kilimajaro, and many are just asking WHY? So in an effort to have fresh hiking buddies, I have orginaized a Mountain View Hosptial ER/ICU hiking trip each week. Though we had planned to go several times before it seemed like something came up or the weather didn't cooperate. However, today five of us hiked Y Mountain, just for fun. Though I had never been up there before, Karen Boothe had and took the lead. Orville and I brought up the rear, while Jen Thomas actually ran up the mountain. It was a 45 minute hike each way, with an amazing view of the entire county from the top. It was great fun on a beautiful spring day, next week it's either Timp or Sundance.