Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great News

In the past three years I have had my blood drawn each month to track how my Auto Immune Hepatitis is doing. I have pretty much gotten use to elevated levels, and don't pay to much attention to the results. My philosophy is what will be, will be.... and just live life to the fullest. However, on the 22 of March I got GREAT NEWS, all levels were completely normal! This is something I haven't seen in three years. Why, even my liver enzymes were in the low-normal range. The Hepatitis Panel still shows the Auto Immune, but at much less than in the past three years. Hooray, it is still in remission. SOOOOO.....that means I am going to keep training and giving the 5K in May and Africa in October all I have. The best part is I have the support of all my family, as everyone seems as excited as I am, or maybe they are just pacifying me. Either way I am thrilled everyone is supporting me in this life changing journey.