Friday, January 16, 2009

My Legacy, My Little Buddy

I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my children, then I became a "Gam-maw." The love I feel for Brykn is amazing! He makes me laugh when I am sad, he makes me cry when he asks me to "Come to mine house to play" and I can't. Brykn also makes me see there is a great future in this world with his zest for life and positive attitude, after all he thinks Gam-maw and Brykn can do anything.
When I started this incredible journey, it was for me. However, as time as gone on and I have gone far beyond what I ever thought I could, part of me wants to do a positive role model for my Little Buddy. I truly want Brykn to see if you put your heart and sole into some thing anything is possible. I know right now all of this isn't that big of a deal to Brykn, but maybe someday he will say, "Hey do you know what my Grandma did!"

I love you so much Little Buddy, you have given me a purpose in life after I raised your Mom and TJ. You and I have such a special bond, you are my legacy, my little buddy. I love you Brykn, sooooooo much! Look for a photo of the flag you gave me, as I wave it with pride, love, and a sense of accomplishment.