Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sure Do Love Ya!

Just think three weeks from today and I'll be on the plane headed from my second stop, Amsterdam. The closer it gets to my departure, the more nervous and possessive TJ gets. So today I tip my hat to my Buddy, of twenty years. I really think TJ thought I was just kidding and would not go through with my life changing journey. TJ should know me by now, but sometimes he doesn't take me serious. So when I told him I was going to Africa, he replied WHAT! Then it was, "do you know how far away that is, and what if something happens to you?" TJ and I have done so much together and have enjoyed being best buddies. Though I am going alone on this trip he will be with me all the way.
TJ has been a great help to me in hiking with me and encouraging me to keep going. Just today he sent me a text message, that said; you're my hero Mom, I sure do love ya! TJ, little do you know, but you have been my hero since you were in the third grade, when you were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Over the years you have displayed extraordinary courage against a life changing disease, encountered rude comments from others, and taught so many about bravery and compassion and you have done it all with a smile. In the dictionary the meaning of a hero is; a man of distinguished bravery, that is you TJ.
As the days grow closer for this wonderful experience, I want to say THANK-YOU, TJ, for all you have taught me about being brave, having courage to go after my dreams, and to see the good in everyone. Oh and I sure do love ya too.
Though I know you haven't really said it, I know you are proud of my determination, my dedication, and my compassion towards this journey. I intend to give climbing the mountain, standing in awe at the beauty of Africa, and touching as many lives as I can, all I have. Or in other words and a phrase used between me and you, " I'll kick em in the ----!"
Thanks Bud, I love you more than you'll ever understand, as a mother's love is deeper than any other love.