Sunday, June 6, 2010

Toys For The Kids

The one thing Brykn, understood from all my stories about Africa, was the fact that the children had NO toys. He could not fathom being a child and having nothing to play with. Brykn had only two requests of me from this visit. First, was to take toys for the children and second, was to see if I could find an authentic African drum.

When I was lucky enough to have Brykn stay in Goshen for a few days, I would pay him money for a few small odd jobs. Then we would put it in the toy fund jar. A hundred and twenty dollars later, we were able to buy one hundred twenty bears and dolls for the kids. Passing them out the children in Molo were more than pleased and each one I passed out I explained they were sent as gifts from Brykn & Harlee.... Not that any of the children really knew who my grandchildren were, but it meant a lot to me to explain the kindness and generosity of a small child. I hope Brykn & Harlee always remember to share with others as if it makes a difference, because it really does.

It is amazing to have the support and enthusiasm from my family from the oldest to the youngest... Brykn's dream when he get old enough to go with me to Africa to rope and elephant and play with the kids... One day Buddy, one day.

I did find an authentic African drum complete with goat hide smell and all. Brykn had learned in pre-school how the native African people actually talk different tribes by beating their drums. He was so cute when he was explaining to me, that the African don't have telephones to talk on they just use their drums. Beat loud and clear Little Buddy, maybe they will hear you....

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